Would You Buy $368 Denim Overalls


Anthropologie is having a 15% off sale on all full price merchandise today, and I’m splurging on a $48 t-shirt.  I tried it on in store last month when I had some birthday money to spend, and it was the perfect tee; totally flattering, soft, with a cute raw edge detail.   But $48 is a bit pricey for tee so I held back.  Having worked for a luxury tee-shirt company before though, I know that if they’re made in the USA, $48 is actually not that outrageous considering labor and construction costs, and I’ve searched around the past few weeks for another comparable, less expensive tee, but I just haven’t found it.  So I decide to buy just one, and after I add the tee to my cart, I start browsing around.  Untitled-1

I come across these denim overalls and I have to admit, I’m kinda loving them.  My friend Rachel is totally laughing at me right now because she tried to bring back the denim overalls 2 years ago and I laughed at her.  Turns out Rachel, you were on to something.  I spotted this particular pair on another mom recently and she looked fab!  So I go to check them out, and holy smokes batman!  They’re $368!! overalls The first thing I think is, “There’s starving children in this world, and companies are selling $368 overalls!?!”  And then I step off my holier-than-thou soapbox and realize that I have spent $368 on particular fashion items, like a handbag and once, a pair of designer sunglasses that I still can’t believe I bought; both purchased pre-children.  Now, we’re older and have more disposable income, this is true, but we also have more to save for, and more practical things to spend money on, like college tuition and activities for the kids.   If I did find myself with $368 to spend on a clothing/accessory item though, let’s say I make bonus one month, I’m not so sure I’d spend it on denim overalls that will be out of style next year.  I might get another functional handbag, or a pair of Frye boots which last forever.  Who knows, but I’m certain it wouldn’t be overalls.

What about you?  If you had an extra $368 to spend however you wanted, on a clothing/accessory item, what would you buy?

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  • Karri says:

    Oh heck no. Like you said, if I had it to burn, I’d choose something that would last, like good boots, a timeless handbag, or whatnot. Even jeans…but not that much on jeans. I think my limit would be $225

  • Kate says:

    Another pair of Frye boots. Most comfortable things I own.

  • jasi says:

    overalls off the farm are a bad idea. they shorten the torso, they flatten the good parts and bunch up the bad. and if you’re petite like me they turn you into a 4 year old. i say fine, wear your neon keds again and jelly bracelets, whatever! but leave the overalls to actual workmen(and workwomen) in the appropriate field.

  • Ginny says:

    Firstly, I’m loving the comment from Jasi, made me laugh hard! I agree though, super expensive. I had a pair a couple of years back…didn’t pay $368 for them but never wore them. I think the shop assistant convinced me to buy them. Even if I had money to burn I’d rather not burn them on these 🙂 Great post!

  • I could not spend $368 on any clothing/shoe/accessory item. The thought makes me a little sick to my stomach. If I had that money to blow and it had to be blown on material things, I would buy a whole bunch of stuff. That much would buy my girls new clothes for school. I am too practical for my own good.

  • kristen says:

    Boots, definitely boots, and probably not even then. It’s too easy to score a great pair of Fryes on eBay for $100. Neeeevvvveeeer overalls. Gah!

  • This made me chuckle.
    Everything old is new again, am I right?

    If anyone could pull off overalls-it would be you!

  • Shelly says:

    Oh Andrea my friend…please, please, please DO NOT buy overalls!!! I agree with the previous comment. They are not flattering or attractive. I wore them when I was 16 with my Mary Jane docs. They hid (or so I thought) my large thighs. I love some of the 80s/90s fashion that has come back but overalls, acid washed and high waisted shorts are not one of them!

  • so i do love those overalls– the silhouette is updated so you get less of that saggy ’90s mom butt. (if you know what i’m saying here)

    but I think spending that much on a trend is never a good idea. I think maybe that much on something you are going to have forever– like i dropped $225 on a leather jacket, but it is SO gorgeous, it was on sale and I wear it several times a week, in every season and so I can justify it.

    I also just bought a jumpsuit– super trendy– but I snagged it for $39…. so I think that’s good. 🙂

  • Cassaundra says:

    handbag, jeans or classic pumps every time. LOVE these overalls but no…maybe i would… okay no, definitely no-ish.

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