The Girl Who Made Me A Mother


IMG_0785 In light of the events of this week, and especially the ones that have transpired over night in Boston, I struggled with what to post today.  I had a post lined up sharing some exciting news with you all, but for today it just didn’t feel right.  After spending the morning out running errands for Taylor’s 8th birthday party today, I came home to read this post about the Power Of Counting And Speaking Your Blessings.  After news surfaced this morning that a sergeant on the Boston police force ordered those in his charge, at a shift change, to “go home and hug your children, and then hug them again”, I thought it only fitting that I say a blessing for Taylor, the girl who made me a mommy 8 years ago today. IMG_2443

Taylor, I am eternally grateful for the blessing you have given me and your daddy, by being in our lives.  And I thank God for the chance to mother you.  I love your kind spirit, your energy, your curiosity, and your silliness.  I am proud that you have your own interests and pursue them, even if they are different than what some other girls at school may be into.  I love your tender heart to animals, and your creative connection to everything from nature to art to music.  At 8, you love to write songs, you love to paint, you love to be outside, and you love to dance.  As you grew each year, I always prayed and hoped that you would be this lovely and special.  And it seems God has answered my prayers.  IMG_0815

There is no one like you, and you are the perfect piece to our family.  You are the one who granted us the gift of parenthood, and you have taught us both so much.  Each of us is a special part of this family, each of us has a unique role to play and spot to fill.   For our family, you remind us to be curious, to be adventurous, to be kind to all living things, even if they’re pesky rodents, and you remind us to care for each other.   Watching you take care of both your younger brothers is a lesson in servitude, in gratitude and in love.  You love and care for them both without question, without asking and prompting, and always from the bottom of your heart.  You my dear, show me what true, unconditional, unbreakable love is.  I cannot tell you how much I love you, I value you and I appreciate you.  I hear 8 is great, and my gosh I can’t imagine you getting much better, but I’m sure you will continue to surprise us all, and make us all very, very proud. IMG_9369 IMG_0511

Happy birthday my sweet girl.  We love you to the moon and back again.  You are awesome, amazing and inspiring.


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