Beauty & Hair, Blunders & Tales

I’ve had it on my life list for almost two years now, to donate my hair to charity. I’ve been wanting to chop it off for the past year, but I was patiently waiting and waiting and waiting for it to grow to the required 8″-10″ in length for donation, but it turns out my […]

Making Your Skincare Routine Work For You

This is the final post in the healthy skincare series I’ve been writing for the past 6 weeks, thanks to Aveeno. To see all the posts on how I’ve been adapting my skincare routine, and different tips to help get me through summer, coming out the other side with healthy skin, visit this link. For […]

Simplifying the Night

Found: a night time beauty routine so simple I can do it while camping Happy Wednesday friends, and congratulations to making it to hump day, which seems especially triumphant of an achievement during the middle of summer. I’m kidding, we’ve been having a great summer so far, but I’d be lying if I said I […]

Playing Off the Sun

We spent the past weekend in Big Bear with 3 other sets of families, and if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that it was pretty much like living in 1 big awesome frat house for the weekend.  In all there were 9 kids, 2 babies and 8 adults all staying on 1 […]

30 Day Skincare Challenge

One of the biggest beauty regrets I have doesn’t have to do with a bad hair style or a crazy makeup routine I sported during my high school years.  No, my biggest beauty regret is that I didn’t do a better job taking care of my skin and protecting it when I had the chance. […]

Daily Style – Baring More

For a while, it seemed like I was following this trend of the older I was got, the more makeup and products I began to use, and the more I started to cover up. Longer shorts, longer dresses, even trying a one-piece bathing suit for the first time. I also went through a period where […]

Summer Means Changing Your Beauty Routine, Or Does It?

I noticed this morning, as I reached for my tinted moisturizer instead of regular foundation, that Summer was fast upon us and my beauty routine was already feeling the need to make the transition.  Once the weather begins to warm up, I do find myself automatically wanting to shed some layers and simplify my beauty […]

5 Beauty Items For (Aging) Great Skin

I’d be honored if you’d consider “liking” my Facebook page, or subscribing to my RSS Feed. Or better yet, receive some Love straight to your inbox by entering your email in that box to the right! Love is way better than junk mail! I’ll be 37 in 2 months! While I know that’s not “old” […]

She Went Red

I think it’s pretty safe to say that for many woman, our hair defines us in a way.  Not in a devastating, life altering way, but in the way that it defines our “look”.  When we describe each other, or ourselves, one of the first characteristics we choose to use is the color of our […]

In Anticipation of Fall – Tera of Tera Rae Stephens

Tera has one of the best heads of hair in Orange County, and she’s determined to help you achieve your best hair too. You can find Tera online doling out advice from hair extensions to achieving edgy style, and you can often spot her on the morning news channels all over Southern California. I’m so […]